Artlogic TMS is a cloud-based
transport management system
Manage your logistics through
a simple online dashboard
Customer orders
All orders are automatically uploaded from your ERP system. To achieve the highest utilization of trucks the system will automatically group orders and assign them to certain vehicle types. Be client-oriented — give access to the system to your clients and they will see the status of their orders in real-time.
Shipment planning
The system allows to obtain control of all factors influencing delivery process: the capacity of loading facilities is automatically assigned to incoming trucks, warehouse operators receive notifications about planned shipments, carrier receives transport orders with all necessary data and gets notified in case of changes.
Transport orders
You need just one click to order a vehicle – no phone calls, no email exchange. You will choose from the list of options: cheapest carrier, preferred carrier, best service carrier. The assigned carrier will receive transport order with all data.
Warehouse integration
Warehouse operators have full visibility over planned shipments. In case of a vehicle being late warehouse operators are notified in advance to be able to defer order picking. All shipment documents can be easily printed from the system, signed by warehouse operators and handed over to drivers.
Execution monitoring
With Artlogic TMS you have full visibility over your orders. Imagine, your vehicle is being late and won’t get to the client on time. The system will raise an alert and you will be able to proactively notify the client.
Acceptance of delivery
You may track the status of goods acceptance. In case of partial or complete return the system will record the return leg and all costs associated with it. Besides, you may create and review reports regarding all aspects of your supply chain and shipments – for example, product return rates for a period.
The system is perfectly fit for the storage of all shipment documents. Documents can be automatically uploaded from external sources, created manually or based on templates. In addition to that, the system allows to track documentation receipt status upon shipment completion.
Cost management
Say hello to transparent pricing. Artlogic TMS provides detailed rate information down to individual shipment. We tell you about every charge that you face. Moreover, we keep the records of all changes of the financial parameters. It is you who confirms the shipment cost before carrier submits the invoice.
Why Artlogic TMS?
Shipment control
Track your shipments and receive notification updates.
Cost reduction
Achieve minimum 10-15% cost reduction by simplifying the process, minimizing human factor, and assigning orders to the appropriate carriers.
Top-quality service
Orders are delivered on time, clients are satisfied with the quality of service.
Security you can trust
Your data is redundantly stored on durable and secure cloud server. See timestamps for every action and configure reports on different events.
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Artlogic TMS enhances
control over your logistics
Standard way
I have no information about the status of my shipments
I don’t know why I pay so much for my shipments
My employee missed client order and did not order the shipment
I doubt I choose the optimal carriers and vehicles
Artlogic TMS
In just one click I get all information about my shipments
I have detailed rate information for each shipment in real time
Human factor is excluded – all orders are uploaded to the system automatically
The system will propose the optimal carrier and will not allow you to choose inappropriate vehicle type
Artlogic TMS enhances
control over your logistics
Standard way
Client orders are not optimized hence it results in increased transport budget
Carrier includes extra fee for demurrages during loading/unloading
Employees spend too much time on phone calls, emails, spreadsheets validation, etc
Artlogic TMS
All orders are grouped, all vehicles are fully utilized, the company does not overpay for the delivery
Demurrages are reduced by 20-30%, the company may use this data to negotiate additional discounts with carriers
Employees spend their time on truly important tasks: optimizing processes, choosing the best carriers, etc
Artlogic TMS makes
your customers loyal
Standard way
Client can’t get hold of the status of his orders. Customer Service specialists can’t provide the expected time of arrival of vehicle
In case there is an issue with delivery Customer Service specialists can’t inform the client as they are not aware of it
Trucks often miss the expected time of arrival, clients are not satisfied with the level of service
Artlogic TMS
Customer Service specialists have access to online dashboard and can provide the client with the status of an order within 5 minutes
Should there be any problems with delivery, Customer Service specialists will get notified and will inform client accordingly
Orders are delivered on time, KPI’s are calculated automatically and can be provided to the client on demand
Artlogic TMS
keeps your data safe
Standard way
Employees from different departments were working with the shipment plan in Excel spreadsheet when a newcomer unintentionally erased all data
Client specific data is not properly documented therefore company loses it when an employee who works with this client leaves the company
Artlogic TMS
All data is stored on the secure server including detailed history of all activities. Access to the data is flexibly configured according to the company’s policies. For example, sensitive data (like financial parameters of shipments) can be hidden for certain roles, like warehouse operators
Artlogic TMS contains client specific data: preferred delivery time, restricted vehicle types, extra requirements, etc. This data is available for warehouse operators and carries for proper planning
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